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eCommerce fulfilment for scaling European online retailers

As specialists in EU order fulfilment, we understand how important the UK market is to European eCommerce businesses like yours. However, with Brexit's new rules and regulations, we also know the challenges that follow suit. So you'll be pleased to know that at Core, we can be the fulfilment partner to help you overcome these hurdles so you can resume delighting your customers across Europe and the UK. 

With a revenue of US$118 billion in 2021, the UK is the fourth largest market for eCommerce - a statistic equating to a growth rate of 29% for the year. Despite this, soon after Brexit officially came into play, exports from the EU to the UK fell. This resulted from many EU businesses pausing their product distribution into the UK to cut shipping costs, time and the overall headache of abiding by the new regulations.

With Core Fulfilment, you don't need to worry about these challenges; we have a simplified fulfilment solution to give your business an unfair advantage. If your EU-based direct-to-consumer sales eCommerce business fulfils UK orders from Europe, simplify your trade with your UK-based customers by transferring your fulfilment operation to the UK with us. 

By partnering with us, you can reduce your fulfilment costs and quickly transfer your fulfilment from Europe to the UK. With next-day delivery cut-offs as late as 10 pm for Shopify and Magento eCommerce platform users, we allow you to serve your customers better. Additionally, our UK fulfilment offering reduces the delay of deliveries that can occur due to customs clearance issues.

What's more, our level of support reduces costs, wasted compliance time and shipping fees, removing the headache you once had around cross-border fulfilment and declaration admin. At Core, our scalable UK fulfilment is here to help you handle your promotions, grow your business quickly and reestablish your presence within the UK market. Ultimately, we can get you back to focusing on what you do best.

Our support doesn't stop there. Supported by our powerful cloud-based multi-channel order management and inventory syncing, our API can easily integrate into over 50 of the most common inventory management systems. Essentially, our service eases inventory management across multiple locations across the UK.

If your EU eCommerce online store ships 1000+ orders per month but needs support packing and shipping to the UK, you need a one-stop-shop fulfilment solution that we can offer. So, talk to us today and discover how Core's cost-effective and simplified order fulfilment services can truly take away the hassle of international fulfilment, allowing you to level the playing field with the world's biggest eCommerce brands.

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