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About us.

At Core Fulfilment, our purpose is simple: to serve our customers better.


Co-founded in 2014, by Paul Burns and Jeremy Vernon, Core Fulfilment was created to help serve the growing SME online retail sector. With the vision of providing an order fulfilment service for ambitious eCommerce brands of any size, that is equal to, or better than many of the leading eCommerce brands we all know and love. 



Even though we work with larger brands we understand the needs of smaller retailers too, we don’t treat them any differently to our larger clients, we still provide the highest level of service, irrelevant of order volumes.

The idea for Core Fulfilment was formed in 2013, when the logistics company both Paul & Jeremy worked for started to struggle financially. By mid-2014, and a company buy-out later, Core Fulfilment was created. 

Since then the business has grown quickly, experiencing over a 10-fold increase in order volumes. In late 2017 the company moved to the new HQ on Orion Park in Crewe, moving into 2 new warehouse units, from the ageing warehouse facility in Sandbach just a few miles away. The move to Crewe has helped the business grow even further, so much so that in mid-2019 a 3rd warehouse has been added, which is located on the neighbouring Apollo Park in Crewe.

In addition to more space added since the move to Crewe, the new location has enabled the company to offer much later cut-offs to its customers, and in 2019, introduced the late 10pm order cut-off.  This is all part of the original idea, of being able to offer a class-leading eCommerce fulfilment service for online businesses of all sizes.

The business is very proud of it's turnaround since 2014, we all truely believe this is just the start, and there are many more exciting partnerships to come, with some amazing online brands. Things for us have changed quite a lot too, as we invest in growing the Core team, continual improvement of our internal systems and of course the ongoing investment we are making into our warehouse infrastructure. All done with the purpose of helping our current (and future) customers grow their online business, by allowing them to serve their customers better.


If you are considering either outsourcing or switching your order fulfilment, we would love to think you would at least consider talking to us. We are very open about how we work, and absolutely encourage you to come and visit our CFHQ in Crewe, where you can grab a drink, have a chat, and see how we work.

We are very excited about what's next, and we would love for you to be part of that journey. Here's to your online success.  




This is what Core Fulfilment looks like...

  • Delighting Customers

    Engage with your customers as if they were our own, treating them with respect and making them feel important and appreciated.

  • Happy People

    Support and encourage willingness to learn, and understand that it’s people, not systems which make the difference.

  • Trust

    Build trust with every customer, by listening carefully to understand their needs and desires.

  • Open & Honest

    Create transparency in how we work and endeavour to do the right thing.

  • Accountability

    Take responsibility for our actions, recognise if we get it wrong, and make every effort to put it right.

  • Commitment

    Deliver on our promises made to customers, whilst challenging the status quo.

Let's do this. Together.

If you are interested in serving your customers better by partnering with us, we would be delighted to speak with you about your business. Helping you delight your customers is what we do, allowing you to compete as the small global brand you set out to become. Let's do this, together.

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